All I want is John back home in 221b Baker Street. It’s not too much to ask, is it!

"Well be careful what you wish for" is all im saying.

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If you’re not following thewomanintheimpala then you don’t know what you’re missing out on… SHE. IS. FUCKING. AMAZING!



lmao-benedictcumberbatch onebuttscratcher emilyjanesworld tallyhowallace twilliamsh easttoboston Guys… You know what time it is… NEW SHERLOCK FIC TIME! Who want’s one?! If you do send me a ask with what you want and I shall get to work on it asap! :D xx

sherlock and john watson… a johnlock

tallyhowallace Love to make it difficult for me don’t you darling? Hmm a johnlock… I’ve read enough of them… yeah… Yeah okay Johnlock it is. Shall be done by the end of the week for you my dear! :)

lmao-benedictcumberbatch said: um yes hello! I want a Sherlock Fic. I just don't know what about. *laughs*. I'll let you know but I really do need one.

Tiff… You sounded very awkward then hahaha Dear just let me know when and what you are wanting.